Ed Fahey Associates Physical Therapy
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Quotes My son was referred for headaches, neck aches and an inability to concentrate. After just a few visits, his reading began to improve dramatically. Ultimately he went from a level 5 reader to a level 40. He also gained focus and confidence. Quotes
Tara - Waterford
Satisfied Mom

Quotes As an avid runner for 36 years, I hope to remain active as far into the future as I can. Ed Fahey Associates has provided essential services to help me achieve that goal. My arthritic hip and tight adductor/abductor muscles, including quadriceps and hamstrings, sent me with my doctor's prescription in mid-April, 2016. Prior to beginning therapy, I had run a marathon in Ann Arbor in my slowest time ever. 7 weeks later, I ran 26 minutes faster at Bayshore in Traverse City, my 164th full marathon. This was still significantly slower than times run until age 60, but a hopeful sign that I could continue to pursue a passion that enhances my quality of life. Ed Fahey and his staff are impressively professional, knowledgeable, patient, and encouraging. Their "hands on" approach is particularly gratifying for anyone who seeks careful guidance and the genuine focus of a therapist not likely to substitute machines for the human connection. I highly recommend Gentle Physical Therapy Quotes
Maggy Zidar

Quotes Ed and his caring staff utilize truly gentle physical therapy techniques. Individuals with limited mobility generally find this method to be less stressful and more effective than traditional physical therapy. I have experienced significant improvement in the generalized pain and fatigue due to fibromyalgia. Quotes
Shirley - Grand Blanc
Retired Teacher

Quotes I was referred for inner ear damage, after a while with home exercises and treatment, my balance became better than most, according to my ENT. They worked with my son and daughter. They were very caring and competent. My son gained the ability to ride his bike! My daughter learned she had to sit up straight and exercise. Every experience was awesome! THANKS! Jesus loves you! Quotes
Candace -Auburn Hills
Satisfied Mom

Quotes After surgery for a severely ripped rotator cuff, Ed Fahey and Associates gentle healing techniques and gradual strengthening methods yielded an awesome recovery and restoration for me. Quotes
Janice - Waterford

Quotes When they did the gentle therapy on my horribly swollen and painful leg after a total knee replacement, it was almost a miracle. My doctor did not even believe it when he saw it. Now I tell all my friends to go there if they need physical therapy. They also helped my wifes back and hip when several other tries at therapy elsewhere failed because it was too painful. Quotes
Dick - Clarkston